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2024-25 General Catalog 
2024-25 General Catalog

Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Plan, and History

Mission Statement

Davidson-Davie Community College provides innovative and equitable learning experiences to empower individuals, transform lives, and prepare students for enhanced career and educational opportunities within a changing global community.


Davidson-Davie Community College is a local and national leader that develops minds, inspires imaginations, and strengthens community.

Equity Statement

Davidson-Davie Community College aspires to be an equity-minded college by identifying and understanding the systemic obstacles members of our college community face. We champion equity-centered practices that focus on individualized support and opportunities necessary for the success of our students, faculty, and staff.


Community - caring about our students, each other, and the communities we serve and responding to their needs

Responsibility - teaching, modeling, and cultivating an attitude of self-direction for ourselves and our students

Change - embracing collaboration, adaptability, creativity, innovation, and risk-taking

Excellence - committing to excellence in the programs and services we offer

Trust - embodying honesty, integrity, and openness

Equity - valuing diversity and promoting inclusive academic excellence

Passion - pursuing our mission with purpose, joy, and fun

Strategic Plan

Developed through an internal review of our campus mission and vision, broad stakeholder engagement, and an understanding of the external environment, Davidson-Davie Thrives will guide the college in setting a new standard for community college education in North Carolina. It is more important than ever for us to come together to recommit to our values while reimagining what learning and working can look like. After a year of disruption due to the global pandemic, Davidson- Davie is ready to navigate a new higher education landscape. We are prepared to overcome challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities over the next four years.

Davidson-Davie Thrives provides a blueprint to prioritize student success, community partnerships, and equity throughout our campuses. In addition to fostering an engaging campus culture for students, we strive to be a premier employer in Davidson and Davie counties, creating an inclusive work environment for all faculty and staff. The college is also positioned to support economic growth and workforce development in Davidson and Davie counties. Our future success is dependent on our ability to continue building and sustaining relationships in each facet of our work.

In order to thrive over the next four years, Davidson-Davie will:

  • CHAMPION LEARNING to fulfill our mission and vision of providing accessible high-quality postsecondary education for our communities
  • PRIORITIZE RELATIONSHIPS to ensure that every student builds authentic and meaningful connections that support growth and success in their educational journey
  • BUILD PARTNERSHIPS to foster collaborations among local and global business, industry, and education sectors that promote innovation and economic growth
  • INVEST IN OUR FUTURE to secure and sustain the financial and human resources required to lead North Carolina community colleges in student success

The following themes, goals, and strategic objectives outline our plans to create a more equitable, vibrant, and robust educational environment in the next four years.


At Davidson-Davie, learning is central to our work every day. We are committed to expanding learning opportunities for our students, faculty, staff and community. Over the next four years, Davidson-Davie will intentionally design courses and programs that meet students’ needs, foster inclusivity, improve equity in the classroom, and build essential skills that support students in their future learning journeys and throughout their careers. In order to expand opportunities and support learning within our community, we must prioritize developing degree and credential programs designed for adult learners. These initiatives will be part of our goal to promote access and lifelong learning throughout Davidson and Davie counties. Finally, Davidson-Davie will dedicate time and resources to faculty and staff professional learning and growth. Transforming our learning organization must include investing in our greatest asset - our people. Championing learning at all levels of the college will be vital to our continued success.

The following goals and objectives outline the ways Davidson-Davie intends to CHAMPION LEARNING over the next four years:

GOAL 1 Foster engaging and equitable learning environments to improve student learning and growth

Strategic Objectives

  1. Intentionally design accessible learning experiences in multiple delivery formats (face-to-face, hybrid, virtual, and online) to reach students with different learning preferences and varying work, home, and personal responsibilities
  2. Enhance inclusive classroom environments through culturally responsive teaching practices and promoting diversity in the curriculum
  3. Create meaningful opportunities for students to build essential skills, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and information and financial literacy
  4. Expand on our current success in international education by supporting global learning, increasing access to study abroad, and developing globalized programs of study
  5. Research and infuse high quality and accessible evidence-based and high-impact practices in courses across the curriculum

GOAL 2 Expand postsecondary degree and credential opportunities for adult learners in Davidson and Davie counties

Strategic Objectives

  1. Collaborate with workforce development boards to align course and program offerings with local and state needs
  2. Establish accessible on-ramps and provide credit for prior learning and experiences to accelerate completion of credentials for adult learners
  3. Expand opportunities for night, weekend, and online course and program offerings to meet the needs of working adults and families

GOAL 3 Create and sustain strategic professional learning opportunities for all full-time and part-time faculty and staff

Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase capacity for the Center for Teaching and Learning to serve as the hub for faculty professional development focused on evidence-based teaching practices and discipline specific support
  2. Develop intentional professional development plans within departments to support staff across career stages and roles
  3. Create professional learning opportunities for all employees to engage in cross disciplinary and cross-functional training



At Davidson-Davie we understand that positive and authentic relationships are the foundation for meaningful learning experiences in higher education. With guided support, students will build relationships with faculty, staff, peers, and external partners developing a network for success during their college experience and beyond. Intentional relationships between student affairs, academic affairs, and business operations will support students along guided pathways from enrollment to completion. These improved and strategic connections among faculty and staff will not only support student success, but will also promote a positive and collaborative working environment for employees. It is more important than ever for faculty and staff to commit to conversations and actions that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. In order to prioritize mentoring relationships, all members of the college community must be invested in our equity work and make the campus an inclusive and welcoming place for each person.

The following goals and objectives outline the ways Davidson-Davie intends to PRIORITIZE RELATIONSHIPS over the next four years:

GOAL 1 Guide students through clear program pathways supported by mentorship networks to improve retention, persistence, and completion

Strategic Objectives

  1. Expand implementation of Guided Pathways to create a roadmap for all full-time and part-time students to enter and complete programs
  2. Establish consistent communication channels between academic affairs, student affairs, business operations, and students to ensure student success and completion in program pathways
  3. Identify and implement equity-driven retention strategies that support student persistence towards degree completion
  4. Create student mentorship networks that foster relationships between students, faculty, staff, and external partners
  5. Utilize predictive and strategic data to support mentoring and determine relevant interventions needed for success

GOAL 2 Advance an inclusive and equity-minded campus culture for students, faculty, and staff

Strategic Objectives

  1. Reimagine and revise current policies, practices, and structures to prioritize equity across all areas of campus
  2. Invest in existing and new support networks for students from historically underrepresented and under-resourced populations
  3. Expand opportunities for student engagement in campus organizations, global learning, and leadership training
  4. Engage all faculty, staff, and students in ongoing learning opportunities centered on equity and cultural responsiveness



Davidson-Davie’s success over the last six decades is a direct result of the strong connections within our communities. Forging and sustaining partnerships with business and industry leaders, our K-12 education partners, and community organizations is vital to our success and the success of those living and working in Davidson and Davie counties. Over the next four years, the college is committed to investing in existing community partnerships and looking for new partnerships throughout our service districts. In addition to local connections, the college must continue to strategically build relationships statewide, nationally, and internationally to provide new learning opportunities for our students. By intentionally creating program-specific articulation agreements and dedicating additional resources towards building sustainable global education partnerships, students will have opportunities to grow beyond our Davidson-Davie campuses.

The following goals and objectives outline the ways Davidson-Davie intends to BUILD PARTNERSHIPS over the next four years:

GOAL 1 Expand and invest in partnerships in Davidson and Davie counties focused on economic and workforce development

Strategic Objectives

  1. Identify and respond to community needs through campus-community collaborations emphasizing a reciprocal relationship between the college and our service districts
  2. Establish program-specific partnerships with regional and statewide business and industry leaders to enhance professional training programs and develop local talent
  3. Partner with local businesses to create robust work-based learning opportunities for students and foster collaborations between faculty and industry leaders

GOAL 2 Build sustainable pathways between Davidson-Davie and other education opportunities

Strategic Objectives

  1. Expand high school partnerships with a focus on providing equitable access to college courses for students from underrepresented and under-resourced populations
  2. Create a college promise program for Davidson County students and continue to grow IGNITE DAVIE program
  3. Identify and strategically partner with 4-year institutions to expand transfer pipelines for students across program offerings
  4. Strengthen and sustain international education and global partnerships to support Fulbright scholars, virtual exchanges, and study abroad programs



Davidson-Davie will invest critical resources in our working and learning environments to expand our capacity to serve students. We must cultivate a workplace culture that prioritizes faculty and staff growth and wellness to ensure our employees feel supported and equipped to meet the needs of our student population. Recruitment, enrollment, and retention continue to be key areas of focus for the college to support long-term goals and maintain financial stability. In addition to our human resources and strategic enrollment goals, we must continue to invest in campus infrastructure to support growth and change at the college. New campus additions including the Link Campus, West Campus, and Davie Health Sciences, will provide much needed space to continue to expand and create innovative partnerships with the community.

The following goals and objectives outline the ways Davidson-Davie intends to INVEST IN OUR FUTURE over the next four years:

GOAL 1 Foster a healthy and engaging working environment for faculty and staff to improve employee retention and culture

Strategic Objectives

  1. Recruit and retain faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds creating an environment that is more representative of the students and communities we serve
  2. Establish employee networking and professional learning groups to support relationship building and career growth
  3. Strengthen positive working environment on campus emphasizing employee wellness, collaborative decision making and feedback loops, and clear communication channels

GOAL 2 Grow overall enrollment in curriculum and short-term training programs

Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish recruitment pipelines and targeted benchmarks for specific groups who are underrepresented in our college community
  2. Strategically align marketing efforts with recruitment goals to reach new prospective student populations
  3. Support student enrollment goals through financial aid, including improving FAFSA completion rates and partnering with the Davidson-Davie Foundation to expand opportunities for student scholarships
  4. Develop comprehensive plan to support retention and completion that emphasizes a campus-wide commitment to student success

GOAL 3 Build and maintain infrastructure to support campus growth

Strategic Objectives

  1. Expand facilities for student learning and community engagement through capital building projects including Link Campus, West Campus, and Davie Health Sciences
  2. Explore additional opportunities to expand athletics to build community support and enhance the Davidson-Davie student experience
  3. Create comprehensive and integrated Digital Campus for strategic online program growth
  4. Advance technology across all campuses to support our continuously changing learning and working environments and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of Davidson-Davie’s security infrastructure

Approved by the Davidson-Davie Community College Board of Trustees, July 13, 2021

History of the College

Davidson-Davie Community College opened in 1963 as the Davidson County Industrial Education Center. Like other industrial education centers chartered in the 1950s and consolidated under the Community College Act of 1963, this center was designed to equip adults with the skills needed to move from an agricultural to a manufacturing-based economy. When the William E. Sinclair Building opened on a 22-acre site in 1963, 125 students were enrolled in vocational and technical programs and 51 students in adult education and service programs. In 1965, the institution was chartered as Davidson County Community College (DCCC). The Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees were added to the existing Associate in Applied Science degree, diploma, and certificate offerings.

The physical footprint of the College has seen tremendous growth over the years. The Uptown Lexington Education Center opened in 2004, the Thomasville Education Center in 2005, and the Davie Education Center in Bermuda Run in 2008. On the Davidson Campus, the Conference Center opened in 2009, the Transportation Technology Building in 2010, the East Carolina University dental clinic in 2014, and the Sarah and Edward Smith Health Sciences Center in 2018. On the Davie Campus, major expansion and renovation took place in 2008, and in 2012, an addition to the Gantt Building completed the Davie County Early College building project. Through a partnership with Wake Forest Baptist Health and Davie County, the College for several years used the former Davie County Hospital for new programs in the health sciences. Such partnerships with health care providers allow the College to continue to expand how we prepare health care workers for a rapidly-changing landscape.  

Today, Davidson-Davie offers over 40 programs of study that have evolved to ensure that students enter the workforce with 21st-century knowledge. In addition to a robust transfer program, Davidson-Davie has programs in such fields as advanced manufacturing and allied health. Davidson-Davie also is one of the few community colleges nationally to have a zoo and aquarium science program.  Both the Davidson and Davie campuses are home to successful Early College high school programs; the College also partners with the Yadkin Valley Career Academy. Students clubs and an athletic program contribute to a vibrant campus life, while a successful international education program gives students the opportunity both to travel abroad and meet international visitors who come to campus.

On January 1, 2021, by action of the College Board of Trustees, DCCC became Davidson-Davie Community College, to better reflect what has always been true – the College proudly serves both Davidson and Davie counties, and supports the success of our students and citizens